A) BANNER 125X125


  • Your banner will be placed on first row in our homepage.
  • ‘Premium’ will be shown below the banner instead of actual status.
  • In the review page premium ribbon will be attached with your site profile photo.


  • 10$ for 7 Days
  • 15$ for 15 Days
  • 25$ for 30 Days

B) BANNER 300X250


  • Your banner will be displayed in the sponsored section.
  • 5 banners are rotating in this advertising section.
  • Your banner will be resized to 250 x 250 px.


  • 12$ for 7 Days
  • 20$ for 15 Days
  • 35$ for 30 Days
You can also send payments in below listed payment methods.

a) For Paypal and Payza users send payments to our email ‘[email protected]
b) For Perfect Money users send payments to our Perfect Money Account ‘U16305123’

After making sucessful payments please contact us and must mention your transaction id, site name, target url and banner link. Your banner will be displayed within 24hrs of sending these details.


BANNER 125X125


  • Your banner will be displayed in our homepage and every review page with current status of your program.
  • In return you have to place our advertisement in your fixed advertisement section with minimum monetary value of 0.005$.
  • The place of your banner depends on how much your members are visiting our site from your domain comparing with other domain. That means when your many members will visit our site your banner will be placed in the upper positions.

Advertisement Terms

  • We accept only Paid -To-Click sites for exchange advertisement which is minimum three month old for exchange advertisement.
  • We have right to use our referral link if your site is providing affiliate program.
  • Payment made for advertisement is non-refundable.
  • We donot advertise any kind of scammed sites. If we find any scam activites in your program we will immediately cancel your advertisement. If it is a paid advertisement you can advertise any other programs which is not scammed for remaining period.
  • Do not submit the following: Any site intended to defraud or mislead, illegal material or content, adult content, malware, cloud mining investments, ponzi and/or hyip schemes, oil/gas investments, nsfw (not safe for work) content, copyright infringing sites (torrents/warez), url shorteners, frame breakers, executable downloads, browser based miners, randomized links etc.
  • We have right to modify these advertising terms without giving prior intimation.



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